Correct Order Of A Wedding Processional – Christian Wedding

If you have decided that you want a religious ceremony, there are different facts to keep in mind, about the vows, the place of celebration, or the correct order to enter the ceremony. This are the main things to consider (((for your Christian wedding))):

Churches and Chapels

A religious wedding can only take place at a church, chapel or other registered religious buildings, except for a Muslim wedding, which can happen anywhere, not only on a mosque. Unfortunately, for the rest of the weddings, you can’t have them anywhere else, but if you have another place in mind, you will always be able to celebrate there the reception or make a second ceremony.

The church will charge for the service, normally between 300000 UGX to 500000 UGX. Normally you don?t need to give notice if you are getting married in an Anglican church, but for the Catholic or Jewish, you will need to register at least 28 days in advance.

The correct order, who walks when

-Traditionally, there are two sides on the church, the right side is reserved for the groom?s family members, and the left side for the bride, keeping the first rows for the closest family, as parents and siblings. Friends would be on the last rows, leaving the middle ones for the rest of the family.

-Groom and his best man will wait inside the church to the bride.

-Normally the bride will arrive in an elegant car, with her father and bridesmaids.

-The groomsmen’s will escort the grandparents and mothers, and the best man will do the same with the bride of honour.

-The bride would be escorted by her father to the altar while the wedding march is played.

-During the ceremony, the bride and groom will make their vows. On a religious ceremony you can?t write your own vows, as you have to say some pre-established ones, traditionally ?I do?.

-The couple will now exchange the rings, and the groom will remove the veil and kiss the bride.

-The couple will need to sign a wedding register with two witnesses.

-After the ceremony, the new married couple will abandon the church together, followed by the best man and man of honour, the