Inspiration For A Unique Bridal Shower- WEDDING TIPS

Are you planning a bridal shower and need some inspiration? Look no further!

Traditionally, the chief bridesmaid or one of the bridesmaids hosts the bridal shower in their own home, serving some food, cakes and drinks. This can end up like an ordinary get together with your girl friends, or you can think outside the box and add a special touch to the bridal shower that no one will expect.  

First, you want to think about the bride, and ask yourself some questions, for example:

  • What does she dislike?
  • What are her hobbies and passions?
  • Does she want to have fun or relax and be pampered?
  • Is she a movie fanatic?  
  • Does she love to cook?  
  • Does she love to sing karaoke?  
  • Does she need things for her new home with her husband-to-be?  

 Read on to find out how you can create a unique bridal shower, along with some ideas for bridal shower gifts too!

Honeymoon Shower

As someone very dear and close to her, I'm sure she has told you where she wants to go for her honeymoon, or perhaps they've already decided on a destination but are saving money for it.  This is the perfect opportunity.  Create a honeymoon theme, emulating the destination.  So if the destination is Hawaii, you have a Hawaiian themed bridal shower with cocktails served in hollowed out coconuts, everyone wears a lei and the options are endless!  Speak beforehand with the guests of the bridal shower to decide how you will contribute money to her honeymoon.


Rooms of the House Shower

Assign a room of the house to each guest, i.e. the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, laundry room, backyard, entrance, and they have to bring a gift that fits with that room.  So a floor mat for the entrance, pots for the kitchen…  The decoration can be however you want, as long as it is comfortable and homey.  Light many candles, if you have a fireplace, light it up, and serve the bride's favourite comfort foods.  If she likes to cook it can be a party based only on the kitchen, so everyone gets her things for the kitchen and you all cook together.


Month of the Year Shower

This is like the Rooms of the House Shower, only instead of everyone getting gifts for each room, they are assigned a month in the year and have to bring a gift that is appropriate for that month, so a bathing suit for July or a Christmas ornament for December.  Decorate the house with all the four seasons to create a fun theme.  Mix and match the seasons as you see fit!

Those are just three simple bridal shower ideas for now.  More to come!