Here is why you should have a musician at your giveaway or wedding?

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By Robert K James

Most giveaway or wedding ceremonies are often only graced by wonderful music played by the deejays through those super sounding Public Address Systems (PAS). Sometimes the deejays get it very right if you prep them about what you want while others are just natural at the game that they will know what to do at the right moment.

Oftentimes when planning for such events, people only talk about just the music and mentioning an artist or two is considered as a budget burden most especially when you have family and friends that are contributing something to make it all happen for you.

In fact, some will see that as an unnecessary luxury that deepens the cost of the event. However, look at it this way. A giveaway or wedding is one of those once in a lifetime events that you celebrate as a couple. Therefore, do everything within your means and power to make it extra special for you as a couple and your invited guests.

Besides the music, artists like Rema, Irene Ntale, Naava and many others out there can light up the crowd for you and bring the X-factor to your event. Truth is, it will cost you a few notes more but every note will be worth.