Why you shouldn’t bleach to lighten up your skin prior to your introduction or wedding

For the last 3-5 years, I have seen ladies bleach like they are preparing for the bleaching Olympics. To worsen matters, men like Hon. Peter Ssematimba (read Piira), Ivan Ssemwanga etc. have been no exception to this scientifically dangerous adventure. 

When you meet the ex-convict ‘Bad Black’, you may be forced to think that she was born somewhere near the borders of the South China Sea.  In fact she vowed to bleach until the last breath. 

For some reason, many ladies have been lured into and lied to when it comes to bleaching. Mrs Lydia Katema, a resident of Katanga zone in Kinaawa says that a friend advised her to bleach prior to her wedding in the name of making her skin look lighter. 

“She was convincing me to bleach a little and make my skin lighter. She urged that it would make my skin glow and look beautiful in the photos,” Lydia remarks. 

Dear ladies, yes bleaching makes the skin appear lighter but at what cost. You will forever be beautiful in your natural colour. In fact, the old adage goes that ‘black is beauty’. If your better half appreciated you as a black-beauty, then you have no reason whatsoever for changing your looks. 

As a matter of fact, bleaching strips the skin of its protective layer exposing it to the dangerous sun rays that could eventually cause skin cancer. 

It’s advisable that you stay loyal to your skin products so as to avoid last minute panics like the development of pimples and skin rashes caused by a change in such products.

You may however need to have some facial treats at least once or twice a month prior to the ceremony. If you have some dark spots or rashes in your face and may be the skin looks dull, then seek the help of an expert. 

You may be required to use a simple skin brightener or adjust your make desk as you prepare for your engagement/introduction or wedding. Such skin brighteners are not skin lighteners. In the D-days to the event, ensure that you’re booked to check into very good saloon filled with professionals. 

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