If you are paying a photographer to capture faces and moments (especially you and bae’s), the least we can do is help you look your best right?

Well we have seen one too many mistakes brides make, thank God for great makeup artists and photographers who can PhotoShop these mistakes away.

Before you book your makeup artist or show up to your makeup trial, there are 6 things you should know.

1. Choosing Your foundation color

A makeup attendant at mac cosmetics once told me the best way to pick the right foundation is to choose the shade that best matches your neck. Yet, some of us have darker shades of color around the neck area compared to your face and upper chest area (mind you all eyes will be focused on your face and upper chest area on your wedding day). So what’s the best way to resolve this? Choose the best shade for your face while keeping your neck area in mind.You don’t want to end up with a makeup look that does not blend in with your neck, do you?

Advice: Don’t be so fixated on wanting to appear lighter than your true skin tone, be confident in your skin, true beauty comes from within.

2. Priming your face

This is one of the most important steps that can’t be missed especially for brides with oily skin. A good primer combats shine, creates a smooth base for foundation and makes your look last longer. A trusted affordable primer is Milk of magnesia, all you need is a little swipe in the most oily areas on your face. Once dry, foundation can be applied and you can look forward to a spineless, matte look which will be great for your photos.

Advice: Prepare ahead, have your makeup artist use your favorite primer at your trial and keep your finished look on for the rest of the day to test it out.

3. Applying eyeshadows

Bold, Smokey, dramatic and over the top eyeshadow looks have their own place and time but not for your wedding day. Less is more when it comes to your eyeshadow look for your walk down the aisle. Choose subtle palettes such as nudes with a graceful pop of pink on the lips. One of my go to lip colors for brides will be kinda sexy from M.A.C paired with a soft golden Smokey eye. Make sure your bridal party are all wearing the same colors (choose one color from your wedding colors), this will help make you stand out. If you are still bent on a bold look, switch it up during the reception, let your hair loose and bring on the party.

Advice: While consulting with your makeup artist, show her images of your gown, bridesmaids gowns, hairstyles and wedding colors. This will help them choose the best cohesive look for your entire bridal party.

4. Highlighting and contouring

Since Kim Kardashian made this technique popular, it has been the go to for many brides in hopes of getting the best transformation on their biggest day.

Although this is indeed a great beauty technique, make sure you are booking with a professional who can professionally apply this method without you looking like a drag queen (You should simply look like a queen).

Make sure your face is properly moisturized for best results due to the need of setting concealers with powders such as ben Nye banana powder.

Make sure you bring your “resting bitch face”, for your makeup artist is going to blend, blend, blend to create a flawless contoured look with the perfect highlights.

5. Strip or individual Lashes

Chances are you might end up shedding some much needed tears especially during vow time.

Strip lashes might not be the best choice since the glue isn’t so tear proof.

For the best non strip guarantee, get your life ahead of time by getting your lashes filled in with individual lashes. The best part is, you wouldn’t need to do much during your honeymoon with your lashes filled in. All you will need is a little gloss, a little blush and powder, selfies with bae never looked better.

Advice: If you choose individual lashes, do this at least a week to your wedding day to give your eyes time to adjust especially for first timers.

6. Choosing the right Lipstick color

Don’t just leave it up to the makeup artist to choose what is best for you, know what color looks best on your lips.

Many a times, professionals are looking to try the next crazy idea on clients but your wedding look shouldn’t be a crazy idea trial.

Give yourself ample time in front of the mirror while you try out lippies. Take selfie, send them to your bridesmaids to help you pick the best one.

Pay attention to your beauty needs, it will surprise you how much you know. With that said soft pinks, peach, and nudes are some favorite aisle looks.

Advice: Don’t use lipgloss especially if wearing a veil to prevent it from sticking to your lips, lipstains are better.

You can book proffessioanl make up stylists by clicking here