The wedding Tiara, How to choose it

 Your wedding dress is a very simple and elegant model? Or your wedding dress is luscious and has ornate bodice and skirts?

No matter what kind of model you have picked, a tiara will give you a completed look. You could not wear a veil, but the tiara is required. You will realize that right at the moment you put it on your head. You don’t have to worry, there are plenty of models that are appropriate as for long as well as for short haircuts. You will for sure find the perfect one for you.

The wedding tiara which looks like a headband is multifunctional. If you are with loose hair, it will uncover your face. If you are with lifted hairstyle, you could wrap the tiara around your hair. The tiara which has two bands is usually fixed to the hair or tilted forward (which is actually the right way to be worn). There are also models with the size of a bracelet. They are usually put on hair buns. If you wouldn’t like to gather all the attention on your accessory, you could also choose to wear hairpins, instead of tiara. The hairpins are appropriate as for more complicated and for simpler hairstyles. You could also attach the veil to them.

Many brides prefer a comb, instead of a tiara. It is simple and at the same time refined accessory and it is appropriate for all wedding types (casual or more formal). You just have to find a comb which has a nice decoration – pearls, diamonds, crystals…

The V-shaped tiara has more of a retro style. It is appropriate for ladies who have a longer shape of the face. Actually, if your face is chubbier, such a tiara will suit you well. It will create an illusion of more elongated facial features. If you have a round face, you should look for a higher tiara. Do not use headbands, because they might make your face more round than it is.

The tiara should conform to the shape of your face and the style and the color of the wedding dress. If you have floral motifs on your dress, find a tiara which has similar details. The modern straight dresses look best with a tiara that has straight, geometrical lines. If the wedding dress is white or in ivory color, find a tiara which is decorated with pearls.

The most important thing is to create a balance in your whole appearance. All the accessories should be simple and elegant and they should not overshadow the other details. The main purpose of all of them is to make you look beautiful. I’m sure you don’t want to be remembered as “the bride with the huge yellow diamond on her tiara”.