Reasons why men prefers village girls to city girls for marriage

The "corporate class" are loosing their husbands to maids, the girl that works at the restaurant and people of the sort and you find them wondering; "What do you like about that girl?" , "She has no class?" "How do you leave me for her?". Such reasons are really far from the real reason why men find comfort in people you think are least likely to sweep them off their feet. What is it about ‘village’ girls that make them potential life partners? Or is this just a fallacy? Here are some reasons men go back to the village to select their spouse instead of marrying their city counterparts.

1. FOOD: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love food and no man likes to return home and not meet a well-prepared meal. ‘Village’ ladies have the upper hand when it comes to performing wonders in the kitchen. Those delicacies that melt a man’s heart and remind him of those nostalgic past are made real by ‘village’ ladies. Every meal is likely to be a sensation and not the usual rice and bread that is adopted during bachelorhood, City girls on the other hand dwell on refrigerating and microwaving food which does not give the same result. Some even order meals or drag their spouse to a restaurant. Men would rather go for a home-made meal prepared with fresh ingredients and spiced with condiments rather than keep a daily date in the restaurant.

2. Attitude: ‘Village’ ladies grow up with the right orientation and attitude which is what most men desire. Little attributes like saying ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way in making a man happy. Village ladies are brought up with a drilling knowledge of respect and attitude. City ladies exude behaviours that raise doubt about their attitudes and orientation and men try to avoid ladies without the right attitude.

3. Submissive: Either by nature or nurture, men feel they are superior to women and like it when they get a lot of respect from women. No man wants to marry a woman if he knows she will challenge his superiority. Most men know that most ladies have been so exposed to similar and equal life styles that can lead to tension in the home. Men know that village ladies pose no threat when it comes to class and level and feel more comfortable with that rather than engaging in a class tug of war with a city lady.

4. Home: Village ladies have very homely qualities that make a man happy. They know it is their duties to do the dishes, laundry, cook, make the home and still take care of the children. City ladies however feel that the modern world in its unwritten law desire men to also help in the house chores and not many men are adept at doing that. With a village lady, however, there is not a question about who will do the house chores.

5. Career: The issue of career is always a big problem to men. As much as men love successful women, they dislike it when a woman’s job becomes her priority and he is relegated to the second position. The higher a woman goes, the more a man finds her unapproachable. Village ladies are very enterprising instead and know how to combine the home with the family well which is what men prefer.

6. Beauty: City ladies are very attractive but men have discerned the difference between natural beauty and the ‘pancake’ and lipstick beauty. City ladies are very adept in transforming themselves into angels that it would be difficult to tell the difference. Men now know the difference between a lady with or without make.

7. Understanding: Village ladies are cool-headed and have learnt to tame their emotion so as to allow them understand their spouse. Men like it when a woman understands situations without asking too many questions. City ladies though educated and intelligent sometimes lack the basic sense required in understanding the mood and turmoil of a man and this can lead to tension when they cannot act appropriately. Men would rather marry a village lady knowing that there is a telepathic understanding between the two of them.

8. Economical: Village ladies understand moderation and have learnt the skills to economise. Most men know that the city has its ups and downs and like it when a woman can make do with what is available. City ladies find it difficult to deal with less than they have been exposed to and some can even raise hell if they do not get what they are used to. Most men like the fact that the humble upbringing of most ‘village’ ladies equips them for any situation whether rain or shine.

9. Fidelity: The city lifestyle is a wild one and most ladies in the city have been swept away by the tide. Some women find it difficult to deal with the sexual strength and capacity of their husband because they have been exposed to different sexual escapades. Ironically, it is the same men who engage these ladies who know that it will be dangerous to have them in the home. They feel that their already explored sexuality might pose the possibility of marital infidelity. They feel more confident in marrying village ladies who to an extent can guarantee fidelity.