The checklist you should have on your wedding day eve

While we know it's impossible to have everything go perfectly smooth on the day of your wedding, it's good to do what you can to minimise hiccups. So if today is your wedding day eve, follow this checklist to help yourself enjoy these last few hours before you walk down the aisle.

Have a final briefing session with the bridal party

Whether this includes holding your cellphone throughout the whole day tomorrow or following you to the washroom, every bridesmaid should know just exactly what she's supposed to do. If you haven't, you can use today to assign who does what. You can give each bridesmaid a vendor to take charge of. Be sure to remember to assign an addition person, or two, to handle other last minute emergencies.

Get your manicure done

Clear a few hours off to do a manicure and pedicure so you won't have to rush to do it on the big day. This time is integral to have bonding time with your bridesmaids and/or mother and enjoy a stress-free, wedding prep-free afternoon together. Treat them to show your gratitude and for all their gracious help.

Have an emergency kit

It's always good to have an emergency kit on standby. You never know when wardrobe malfunction happens or other untimely slip-ups that need quick fixes. It should include bobby pins, safety pins, sewing kit, deodorant, mints, a granola bar, extra buttons, some band aids, lip balm, baby wipes and tissue, hair ties, a sanitary pad or two, cotton buds, a pair of scissors, smelling salts, tissues, and a makeup for touch up. Have one of your bridesmaids hang on to this.

Spend time with the family

As much as this entire process is an emotional one for you, it is also an emotional one for your family. Quality time with the family can be simply to meet up for a meal together or watch a movie. Take this time to truly thank them for everything they have been to you in your life and to appreciate them for their love.

Lay out everything you need

Panic, nerves and anxiety will make you a forgetful bride. Keep calm and stay organised by laying all your wedding essentials on the bed or by the bed, so you can just pick everything up and go. That includes cheques to the vendors and important documents. You can also hang up your bridal wardrobe and accessories and do a quick QC (quality check).

Write him a love note

Before the day ends, take a while to write a sweet love letter to your groom. Tell him how excited you are to marry him, tell him you love him, and tell him what's going on in your heart. Not only will he benefit from this small deed, but you will begin to love him more even as you spend the few moments writing it. If you bought him a gift, you can use this time to wrap it.

Go to sleep!

Once you're done with everything, do whatever you can to get some shut eye preferably by 11pm (when the body goes into repair mode). When the big day comes tomorrow, you'll be all ready and prepared to shine!