How to Make Your Wedding Budget

Figuring out your wedding budget can be stressful, but don't worry! Whether you're dreaming of a lavish hotel affair or an intimate garden get-together, answering these questions will help you figure out how and how much to spend to make it happen – and make it yours.

Who's Paying for the Wedding?

Communication is key: Discuss with your families about who will be paying for what. Some brides' families still pick up the entire tab, but more groom's families are participating too. On average, according to our 2015 Real Weddings Study, the bride's parents cover 44% of the wedding, the bride and groom cover 43% and the groom's parents cover 12%.

So, how should you broach the subject? For many couples, talking to each family separately is the best way to have open and productive discussions. Here are some helpful guidelines to help you and your families determine an initial budget:

  • Ask both sets of parents to commit to a specific amount, and then add up all the contributions to create your budget.
  • Alternatively, ask each set of parents to finance a particular aspect of the wedding (such as the ceremony, honeymoon or catering).
  • Decide how much you and your fiancé can contribute between now and the wedding.

How Much Do You Actually Need for the Wedding?

Just like buying shoes, an apartment or a pair of jeans, when it comes to financing a wedding, you should determine how much you need to spend for what you want. Depending on your personal preferences and budget needs, you'll want to decide which elements of your wedding to prioritize—basically, what to save on versus splurge on. Then, set your expectations accordingly. Here are some helpful stats to give you a general idea of how couples typically allocate their budget:

The average cost of a wedding is about 30 million shillings (excluding the honeymoon).

  • Here is a basic breakdown of what you can expect to pay:
    Reception: 48%-50%
    Ceremony: 2%-3%
    Attire: 8%-10%
    Flowers: 8%-10%
    Entertainment/Music: 8%-10%
    Photography/Videography: 10%-12%
    Stationery: 2%-3%
    Wedding Rings: 2%-3%
    Parking/Transportation: 2%-3%
    Gifts: 2%-3%
    Miscellaneous: 8%
  • To avoid stress, allot about 5% of your budget for a "just-in-case" fund.
  • And definitely don't forget to budget for your honeymoon if you're covering it yourselves!