Tips For Honeymoon In A Country Where You Don’ t Understand The Language

This could be outside countries like Spain, France(particularly Paris),Dubai, in the middle East or neighboring countries like Kenya, Tanzania that have beautiful places at the coast, Rwanda or any other country that is chosen by the couple.

It’s obvious that many Ugandans don’t know many languages other than English and their local languages. So, what happens when they visit countries that don’t use English as the official language?

Here are some tips to help out during such moments.

1. Pre book the important parts of your trip. Make earlier arrangements in the place you have decided to spend your honeymoon by contacting services such as transportation from the airport to your destination, which could be a hotel or resort so make sure your destination is also booked earlier on such that when the moment comes, you don’t have to go through the hustle first hand, you will have an idea of where you are going and what to expect at that place of your choice.

2. Learn basic terms and phrases. It’s important to try and learn the basic words of the language spoken in your honeymoon destination. Simple words such as hello, goodbye, please, thank you, yes or no and few phrases such as do you speak English, how much does this cost, help me out, am lost. Ask your hotel staff to help you out with pronunciations of such words as this may help ease your language barrier problems.

3. Always have a note book and pen in handy. This helps in case you are lost for words but can describe what you want using a drawing, after all pictures speaks a thousand words.

4. Take photographs of things you may like such as foods or items you would like to buy in case you went out shopping and would like to buy something.

5.Use translation app.Even if they aren’t 100% accurate, they will help you get your point across in an easy and effective way.Apps like Google translate, speak easy and sms translate, you can quickly and effortlessly have a way with the locals.

6. Try wordlens.With this you can take a photo of any signs that you can’t read and within seconds it translates. Unfortunately the languages are limited on this app.

7. Get a tour guide. If you can afford this, hire someone who understands your language and that of the locals, as this will make things easier for you instead of too much hustle.

8. Ask the hotel concierge. For anything that you may need such as directions or a phrase in the native language, dietary requirements that need writing in the language, head to the concierge at your hotel to give you everything you need as they can be extremely helpful.

9. Nod, point and smile. Using these few simple gestures can help you get a long way at both a restaurant or while shopping. Point at the item or meal you want, agree that it’s the item or meal you want by nodding and then smile to show that you are happy.

10. Use GPS.Being in a foreign country that speaks a different language means that signposts could also be in that language. If you have decided to use a car or scooter then using GPS to get around is essential.apps such as Google maps also allow you to make sure you are heading the right way on public transport.