We were with him since primary—Jane and Bwire Jacob

Jacob Bwire weds Jane via mikolo,.com

In her song “Meant to be” Bebe Rexha said “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” And indeed it is true what they say that when love is meant to be, nothing can stop it.

For Jane and Bwire Jacob, not even a separation of schools and distance could stand in the way of destiny.

The two started out as mere acquaintances attending the same school with Jacob crushing on Jane before becoming good friends and eventually, their love for each other led to a beautiful relationship.

“We met at school. Actually, we were with him since primary to senior four, then he branched off to another school,” the bride told Mikolo.

She adds that; “but he had kept crushing on me until we met again during campus in 2016 while at Makerere. He was doing civil engineering, yet I was doing social sciences.”

Having dated for over five years, the got hitched a successful customary union in Kyenjojo on July 2nd, 2022. And on 5th November, the two exchanged vows in holy matrimony at United Christian Center Kasubi.

Congratulations Jacob and Jane. We wish you a happy marriage.



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