We met at a pharmacy—Mitusera Kule and Miria Kabugho

Mitusera Kule weds Miria Kabugho via mikolo

Like rainwater flowing down your body, there is a way love creeps on you. Sometimes it matters less or even not whether you’re ready for it. And like most gifts from God, it just comes your way.

When Mitusera Kule and Miria Kabugho first met sometime in 2014, none of them knew that nearly seven laters, they would be walking into their happily ever after. And yet here we, shouting our congratulations to them after they exchanged their vows on Easter Monday.

“We met at Kasese Pharmacy in Kasese District in her S.6 vacation in 2014,” the groom told this website before adding that; “I had gone to set the accounting system at that pharmacy.”

Was it love at first sight? We asked. “No. It gradually developed and in three weeks it was love.”

And after seven years of dating, Kule and Miria had their giveaway ceremony on Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021 before tying the knot the following day on Easter Monday with a wedding ceremony at Kasese SDA Central Church.

The couple later treated their families and invited guests to a thrilling reception at their home in Maliba, Kasese.

Photography by: Ennoq