Time To Dream—Matovu to his wife Nadia in Valentine’s Day Message

Mr & Mrs. Matovu - Nadia via mikolo

While for some, Valentine’s Day was about beautiful roses that ended up in the trash can 48 or 72 hours later, the day was about much more for entrepreneurs Mr. & Mrs. Matovu.

For the socialite she can sometimes be, it was the ultimate surprise for the mother of one. “Time to dream Nadia,” was the message to his dear wife.

Somewhere in Kololo, Nadia was blindfoldedly ushered into a 1608 Niche Designs well-decorated reception by her husband Matovu for their exclusive Valentine’s Day dinner, one we are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt will remain a big part of her lovely memories longer than our plastic roses that have since gathered dust on our bedside tables.

Here are the photos from this lovely escapade;