Wedding Décor: Maroon, Red & Coral headline Josephine and Stephen’s decor

Josephine + Stephen wedding decor via mikolo

We longed for the perfect build-up to Valentines Day and Giselda Sensation obliged with a tantalizing set up for the two lovebirds.

On Saturday 6th February 2021, Nawab Lounge at Acacia Mall was the venue as Maroon, Burgundy, Red and Coral headlined Josephine and Stephen’s wedding decor

Motivated by a knack for creativity, Giselda Sensation had a field day bringing this “vibrant and romantic vision to life for our uber trendy bride. It was literally all in the details.”

A gorgeous head table of stemming floral set with remarkable lights had our hearts captivated.



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Venue: Nawab Lounge, Acacia Mall.

Photography: Anderson Pics