A match made in a music studio!! Nina Roz hosts Daddy Andre for Kukyala

Nina Roz & Daddy Andre via mikolo.com

By Robert K James

When Juliana Kanyomozi dropped a baby on us sometime back, much as it was beautiful, we thought we were done with lovely surprises from our beloved celebrities in the music industry—and then here comes Daddy Andre and Nina Roz. A match made in a music studio!!

For the ardent follower of our celebrities that I consider myself to be, I must admit that I didn’t see this coming—not by a long shot despite a few rumors that made rounds, and yet here we are, celebrating these two lovebirds, a musical genius and a dancehall height-gifted model.

On Friday 23rd October 2020, Nina Kankunda, commonly known as Nina Roz welcomed music producer and fellow artist Andrew Ojambo, alias Daddy Andre to her parent’s home in an exhilarating pre-visit (kukyala) function. Indeed tweni-tweni is a gift that keeps on giving.

“And the two shall become one. Love is a beautiful thing and today I have been humbled by my better half at her parent’s home. With you I belong, God is great,” Daddy Andre noted in a post to his Facebook page.

It was a lovely ceremony attended by a number of celebrities especially from the music industry as well as friends and close family members.

For how long these two have been dating is still a mystery to us albeit grapevine has it that Nina is already expecting. Congratulations Daddy Andre and Nina Roz. Although it was a beautiful surprise, please….please Bruno K don’t surprise us.