Dazzling fashion and swag as Aristaccus weds Bernadette

Aristaccus weds Bernadette via mikolo

By Robert K James

It was all about dazzling fashion and swag as Aristaccus wedded Bernadette on Saturday 15th August 2020. After getting traditionally hitched, Aristaccus and Bernadette, took their matters before God, to St. Luke Church in Ntinda where they exchanged their vows in front of their entourage and close relatives.

“To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, until do death do us part,” they professed before the man of God before he pronounced them officially “husband and wife” and sent them off to a happily ever after.

The two lovebirds kicked off their new journey of happily-ever-after at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Nakasero where they had their marvelous wedding photoshoot with Play Motions.

Changing from one exquisite gown to another, Bernadette indeed proved that it was her big and special day, while Aristaccus on the other hand, along with his swaggerific groomsmen also came out guns blazing with star fashion to mark the big occasion. In a nutshell, they were dressed to the teeth.

 Aristaccus and Bernadette capped off their evening, in the full glare of Play Motions’ lenses at Hotel Eliana where they had their reception. At the sumptuous venue, they served and entertained loved ones, relatives and friends who fly-kissed them goodbye to their happily-ever-after. 

Congratulations Aristaccus and Bernadette. We wish you a blessed marriage.