He Was A Friend To My Cousin Brother?Evelyn and Paddy

By Robert K James

Alexander Smith once said that ?love is the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.? Evelyn Lwanga and Paddy B Ssematimba discovered love in each other and delighted in its recognition on their wedding day.

According to Evelyn Lwanga, an HR Practitioner, she and her significant other, Paddy B Ssematimba, a fashion designer met at her auntie?s home in Lungujja.

Asked about how the two met, the bride said; ?at my auntie?s home in Lungujja in 2007. He was a friend to my cousin brother.?

The duo ?dated for 3 years before? Paddy asked for Evelyn?s hand in marriage when ?he proposed in 2010?. They went on to ?move in together, but did not make any official moves till 2018!?

Blessed with a daughter already, Paris Mitchelle Mulungi, the couple decided to make it things official and traditionally got hitched on ?1st September 2018 at my parents? home in Seeta ? Mukono,? according to the bride.

More than a year later, the couple exchanged vows at a beautiful white wedding ceremony on 7th December 2019 at Kansanga Miracle Centre. After entrusting their married life to God, the two lovebirds proceeded to Speke Resort Munyonyo with RawLine Photography for their wedding photo shoot.

They later hosted their invited guests and families to thrilling entertainment and a sumptuous dinner at Royal Suites Bugolobi for their reception.

How was the planning process for you as a couple?

Very smooth, we did things on time and prayed a lot for our wedding?I mean A LOT!

Where did you go for your honeymoon and how was your experience?

Had planned to go to Zanzibar, but hubby got sick a day after the wedding, hence we canceled. Just rested for a short while in Entebbe.

What do you like most about your Paddy?

His relationship with God ? Amazing!

What advice would you wish to share with couples planning to get married?

Pray for your wedding like it?s the last thing you?ll ever do on earth, do things on time to avoid last minute rush, entrust friends to manage the meetings and finances, above all?have fun?this day comes once!

Did you have any wedding meetings, and if so, how many were they?

Yes, only 4!



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