Meet The JJ’s: High School Sweethearts Joel and Jean Tie The Knot

Joel and Jean tie the knot

By Robert K James

Falling in love may have never been Joel Kyeyune and Jean Nayiga’s plan until one day when they realized that they love each other too much, simply because it was just a friendship that morphed into a love adventure. The two high school sweethearts’ first encounter dates to as far back as almost nine years ago when they first met, according to Jean Nayiga, now Jean Kyeyune, who had an interesting interview with Mikolo.

How did Jean & Joel (JJ) meet?

We met at school. That was 2011 high education, senior 5 at Buloba High School, Mityana Road.

Did he notice you from day one? Or books brought you closer!!

Not really we were both silent people but somewhere he used to sit near me and the friendship began?and later a relationship.

Hope you still have some of those memorable short chit-notes that he wrote to you!!

Ha?ha?not really

Joel and Jean tie the knot via

Anyway, how did you manage this all through school, vacation and campus eventually?

He was a very wise man so he was so much taken up by books. I think it kept him away from women because he used to be number one in class and all through at campus. You know those book worms and me I was just being patient with him because I knew he loved me alone (he is a very very God-fearing man)

So when did he ask for your hand in marriage? And how was that experience when he asked?

It started immediately after campus. We graduated in February 2017 because he began working immediately after. We used to talk about it so often but I didn’t see him capable by then financially and all that. There was no proposal at all, he just told me he wants me to see his mum and dad one weekend. So we did and immediately after, like 2 weeks, he organized kukyala and that was last year in December.

So when and where was the introduction?

The place is called Kiyaji, Kayunga Road it was on 21st September 2019

And the wedding!!

The wedding was on 28th September 2019 at All Saints Cathedral (Nakasero) and reception at Garden City rooftop

Was it everything you hoped it would be?

Yeah, it was all fine.

How many guests did you have for the wedding?

We had 200 guests.

How was the whole planning experience for you?

It was a bit stressing because the wedding was just one week after the introduction but we still got support in different ways?funds, time, seeing service providers and all that.

So what advice do you have for couples planning their weddings?

They shouldn’t stress a lot on big functions. Do what fits your money and may be being prayerful because you can’t do everything on your own. You just have to trust God.

What do you love most about your hubby?

He is so prayerful and he loves me a lot. He is so wise and caring, he can fail to eat but give money for what you need.



Post Vendor Details

Bride’s hairdo: FMK Beauty Salon, Bugolobi

Makeup: Sabira Beats

Music: Ashton events

Photography:  Extra Videography (Introduction ceremony) & Brian Photos Ltd (White wedding)

Wedding Dressed: VIZ.T.BRIDALS