I Chose Love Over Money?Bonnie & Wilbroad, Winners Of #TheBigWedding2019

The Capital FM Big Wedding 2019 – Season 7

Our love story started 7 years ago in 2012, when I had just joined Kyambogo University. My friend, Sheila and I decided to go for a HIV test and during the exercise, one of the organizer set his eyes on me without me noticing it.

The spokesperson of an association came and encouraged us to join the Association and scribble down our names. I gladly wrote for the sake of it and funny enough, the list on which I wrote was given to the gentleman that had seen me during the HIV screening exercise and he was supposed to call the year one(s) that had shown interest for a get-together party of their association.

He called asking whether I was to attend the party and I told him that I was not because I had no money. He insisted and offered to pay for me and my friend, Sheila.

When I met him at the school canteen, what struck me most was the chest, Jeez! The six-pack chest. The looks (I got goosebumps) and I remember telling Sheila that whoever his girlfriend was, she was just a lucky woman. He hugged me Oh God, I just wanted to remain engulfed in the hug. We were given our tickets just like he had promised to.

It is after the party that I realized that he was slowly falling in love with me yet I was having my own intentions of ‘no commitments’ and ?de-toothing? him not knowing that, that was going to be my fianc