A Closer Look Inside Anita Fabiola’s Most Exclusive Closet

Anita Fabiola

Anita Fabiola is no stranger to the red carpet and has always graced it with finesse, class and uniqueness.

Today we take a closer look inside the former Miss Uganda contestant’s most exclusive closet, where she picks her outfits that leave many staring in admiration.

In her over half a decade in front of the TV cameras and the scrutiny of her celebrity lifestyle, Anita Fabiola, who besides her YouTube podcast is an NBS TV Katch Up presenter may have had her shortfalls in life but never disappoints when it comes to fashion and style. No wonder she is the brand ambassador for Iconic UG, a clothing store that recently opened its doors in the capital Kampala.

And at Friday?s 2019/2020 Miss Uganda finale, where she was a co-host with Dedan Muyira for the event that went down at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, the former NTV Be My Date presenter was dressed by fashion guru and namesake Anita Beryl of Anita Beryl Quoture.

Photos by: Hanz Shots, Play Motions, Gerald Photography etc.