Photographer Photographed As Emma Dynamic Goes For Kukyala

Manzi Emmanuel & Mildred's Kukyala via

By Robert K James

Many have known as the guy that kneels down in weird places to capture shots while others call him the master of wide shots. It was a case of a photographer being photographed as Manzi Emmanuel aka Emma Dynamic, the proprietor of Dynamic Wedding Photography went for his kukyala (first visit).

The event was absolute glitz and glamour. It was a like mini pre-customary wedding ceremony. And if by any chance, Emma and his bride wanted to prove a point or set a standard for the mid-year wedding-related events, they surely did without a single bit of doubt.

Cameramen and videographers from different companies and affiliations gathered with their mega lenses as witnesses to one of their own as he went for his first official visit to the parents of his significant other.

Sunday, May 26th,



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