He And My Brother Were Friends?Nalongo Rovisa & Salongo Emma

Photography By: Hamuza Karizma Kaweesi

For the guys, it’s a bro-code never to date your friend’s sister. No matter how close you are as friends, that’s a line you are not supposed to cross. As a matter of fact, the closer you become, the more forbidden it is for you to even think about it. But then again, now that I think of it deeply, someone once told me that “love moves mountains”.

If indeed it can move mountains, perhaps, in rare circumstances like these, it can also cause us to turn a blind eye when a bro-code like this has been broken. That’s what Rovisa’s brother had to do when he learned that her sister and his friend Emma had fallen in love over six years ago, and here is their story.

How did you two meet? We asked Rovisa

He was in the same university with my brother…they became friends and he could visit home…so that’s how the magic began

Often times, friends especially guys don’t want their friends dating their sisters, how did your brother feel when he learnt that you and his friend were now dating?

“Of course ‘kinda’ bad, but he had no option.” So he finally came to terms with the idea!!! Yeah, since they are still friends.

Nalongo Rovisa introduces Salongo Emma via mikolo.com

The couple had been seeing each other for about two years when they did their Kukyala (First Visit). And four years later, Nalongo Rovisa introduced Salongo Emma to the rest of her family, relatives and friends at a colourful customary wedding ceremony on Saturday 8th June 2019 at her parent?s home in Nakifuma, Mukono District.

What advice would you give to couples that are also planning their traditional wedding ceremony?

To plan earlier and consult service providers before purchasing anything.

From us all at Mikolo, congratulations Nalongo and Salongo. (NB:



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