#2018Series Vivian Introduces Super FM?s Mzei Bakidawo

Vivian introduces Joseph via mikolo.com

By Robert K James

Culture took center stage as Vivian Naggayi introduced renowned Super FM radio presenter and skit comedian Mzei Bakidawo, real names Joseph Sendagire.

The couple?s lengthy traditional wedding ceremony went down at Vivian?s parents? home in Maya, in Mpigi District. In an interview with Delta TV during the function, the bride said she and Joseph me when she was about ?17 years old?.

And after over twelve years of courting and subsequently cohabiting, the groom said it was just the right time to officially be presented to Vivian?s family. Bakidawo also promised his beloved wife a white wedding that will happen any time in 2019.

?We have been together for over 12 years. She has stuck with since the tough old days. I call her my ?Jovi? (a nickname after combining Joseph & Vivian),? the groom told Delta TV?s Sharitah in an interview at the event.

?Patience is key. You?ve to ignore some things and most importantly trust Good,? Vivian said when asked about what has kept them together for more than a decade.

The bride embraced her culture, wearing a baby pink and green gomesi before changing into a blue one with a green sash. She later clad in a custom-made sleek and fitting multicoloured party dress, predominantly white and black for the cake cutting session and then finally into a gold gomesi for the ?Kabbo ka muwala?.

Several artists like ‘Tujanjawaze’ hit maker Sabuwa Natoolo, Annet Nandujja, Sofi Gombya, Maureen Nantume, Haruna Mubiiru, Rema Namukala among others lit up the function with thrilling and lovely performances.

Joseph?s entourage comprised of family, friends from different walks of life and work colleagues, who included members from Super FM.

For his Mutwalo (Bride price), Joseph, who was cloaked in a white Kanzu and blue coat gave his now father-in-law a sculpture of a monkey since the family was of the ?Enkima? clan and promised to buy him a plot of land.

Photography by: Ice P Photo & Video Studios