Charming Moments From Deborah and Nikki?s Traditional Wedding

Debroh and Nick Traditional Wedding via
Events Guru Photography

By Robert K James

For so many years, a lot of Ugandans have refused to learn the Swahili language, with some not even open to the idea of learning few words. Nonetheless, that hasn?t stopped the people from the two countries to interact. They speak a common language that is however less verbal but more expressional. It?s called the ?language of love?. This language has seen many through the barriers of borders and in some cases, cultural differences.

In our latest episode of cross border weddings, Tanzanian international Nikka traveled miles to be introduced by his significant other Deborah. Nikki and Deborah are having us feeling all giddy and excited. Their feet may have wandered over the earth, through the wind and water, but they finally brought them to each other.

Less than a fortnight after Valentines? Day, on a fairly hot Saturday (23rd February 2019), Deborah introduced Nikki at here parent?s home in Kololo. Friends, family members and well-wishers witnessed the customary union of the two lovebirds.

Guess who was the special guest invited to the party!!! Our friends at Events Guru Photography