Romantic Dances Moves Pulled Out As Brian Weds Harriet

Brian weds Harriet - Mikolo

Besides all the eating and drinking, not to mention the cake moment, most people will tell you that one of the moments they anxiously look forward to at a wedding is when the bride and groom get on their feet to dance.

Well, these two did not disappoint. All the romantic dances moves were pulled out as Brian wedded Harriet in a beautiful wedding ceremony. From dancing their way into the reception to tripping the light fantastic when they returned after changing.

Initially, Harriet was clad in a beautiful strapless ball gown while Brian had a dapper look in his three-piece black and blue suit.

As Mikolo, we can only say congratulations to you Brian and Harriet. We also wish you a blessed marriage.

Harriet and her maids Brian weds Harriet - Mikolo Brian weds Harriet - Mikolo Brian weds Harriet - MikoloBrian weds Harriet - Mikolo