We Met At My Friend’s Baby Shower?Daphyne and Vincent

Daphyne & Vincent

By Robert K James

The story of how one meets the love of their life and how they fall in love is one to which everyone has their own telling. For Daphyne Akiiki, she met Vincent Kayima at her friend?s a baby shower. Yes?.at a baby shower.

It?s often rare to find men attending parties like a baby shower unless you?re fathering that baby. But then again, what in life is more fulfilling for a guy to crush a party and then meet a lady they really like and actually fall for her. When you wink at her from the other side of the table and she treats your sights with a smile of recognition.

?Our meeting was destiny, at my friend?s baby shower, the wife to his brother,? Daphyne told www.mikolo.com

It wasn’t long before she realized that Vincent had everything she had ever wanted in man that would qualify to be her future husband and life partner. So why did choose him? We asked Daphyne.

?I chose him because he was compatible, a loving guy and he had all I wanted in a husband,? she said.

After many months of dating, Vincent asked to make his first visit and with permission granted, he visited Daphyne’s