Amazing Bridesmaid Outfit Ideas

Your bridesmaids are one of your biggest pillars of support during your wedding. Not only are they there for you through all the big pre-wedding events, they are also by your side during one of the biggest life-changing events of your life. So it?s pretty important that they look their very best, and all of that starts with beautiful attire.

Deciding on bridesmaid dresses can be a challenge. There are a number of things to consider, such as whether the dresses should be matching or mismatched, short or long, sequinned or unembellished, and whether your maid of honour will wear a different dress. And then you have to consider how the dresses would be accessorized and how the outfits fit in overall with the look or mood of your wedding.

To help you and your bridesmaids decide on dresses, we picked 15 gorgeous sources of inspiration from bridal parties that have been featured in our