Gilts And Glamour As Uganda Cranes Ace Sula Matovu Malouda Weds Nicole Estella

By Robert K James

For long, Uganda Cranes ace Sula Matovu Malouda was taking the ball towards defenders until when he decided to do things off the pitch. But then again, he still had the ball at his feet, taking it to Nicole Estella Namubiru this time round.

His magical dribbling skills with words sweetness and cunning looks as he took the game to Nicole were too hard for her to resist. Over time, her resilience was tested and for Sula, the wall wasn?t so high or too hard to climb.

It wasn?t long before the two fell in love with one another. However, it begs the question of how they kept their love candle burning while Sula was away (outside Uganda) playing his soccer. But, it?s safe to say they stood the test of time until when



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