Romeo & Donna.. A Wedding With Class

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set their wedding for 2018 towards the end of last year, automatically the bar had been set high for all weddings that were to go down this year. Many set the dates for after May 19th so as to benchmark from the Royals while a few who weren’t afraid to set the pace scheduled theirs to happen before the big one.

Among those few were Romeo and Donna. Clad in her ball gown, Donna was the 2081 Princess before Meghan Markle would be crowned one while Romeo on the hand turned out to be the perfect prince on the day. Cloaked in a black tuxedo, along with his entire entourage, the couple didn’t just make a statement on the day but set the pace for all 2018 Ugandan weddings that would follow.

Donna’s bridesmaids were dressed in distinctively beautiful long dresses. Congratulations Romeo & Donna!!! Mikolo Uganda wedding Community wishes you a happy marriage.