Normal Is Boring: Buni And Brenda’s Incredible Pre wedding Shoot!

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We still can?t help but marvel at this creativity. Every time we think we have seen it all then BOOM! Something striking is coined and then we are back again to square one! But it?s not like we are complaining, we love creativity! Our lives actually depend on it! We love couples that step out of the box. Couples that go an extra mile. In this era, normal is boring.

First, it was Buni’s mindblowing proposal to Brenda right in the middle of the road on Easter Monday at the heart of Kampala. And today we once again present to you a such couple. The team B, Buni and Brenda. After we got their pictures we felt like calling them and giving them a ?Hi five? for such immense creativity. They selected impeccable themes. These included sports, traditional African, fancy and casual. And each outfit fitted the theme just fine!

However, it is not only the work of the couple to come up with these unique concepts but the photographer too.