Herman & Priscilla Take To Lake Bunyonyi For Their Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Herman & Priscilla prewedding via mikolo

Choosing to be unique and perhaps also take the opportunity to step away from all the daily city madness and loudness, Herman and Priscilla took to Lake Bunyonyi in South Western Uganda for their prewedding photo shoot with the undisputed team of Dynamic Wedding Photography.

The couple had some of their intimate moments at Acadia Cottages, giving them a bird’s view of the breathtaking lake scenery and we loved every bit of it.

Like their love, the first set of outfits were official by standard. Herman was cloaked in a black and white tuxedo while Priscilla stunned in a perfectly fitting long red dress accessorised with high heels before they both changed into some nice casual attires.