We Met At Salt Tv: Joan and Joseph Busuulwas’ Amazing Love Story.

If there is something we love to flaunt it is love, affection and companionship. It is our greatest of joys when two come together to birth beautiful love tales. We recently met up with Joan Busuulwa who recently got married to her long time heart throb Mr Kato Busuulwa. A renown sports presenter on Salt Television. She walked us through her beautiful love story and what hacks got her to the alter.

Hey Joan, So first things first, how did you meet?

I was at campus then, around my second year and I was doing my internship at Salt tv. That?s when we met and yes, the story begun from there (giggles)

That internship was fun I suppose?

We laugh the more. Well we started off as friends really. For the start it was nothing serious. But as time went on the chemical equation started balancing. We laugh again.

The office environment is tricky, lots of guys take advantage of interns, how did you know he was the one?

As I said, we did not hit it off from the point go, we started as friends. And as time went by, I got to know him more and more even after I had finished my internship. And truth be told, he was and is still the nicest man I have ever met! I first I thought it was pretense. But as time passed I realized that was his nature. And my dear, I wouldn?t let this opportunity slide; such men are rare these days you know.

?Actually extinct is the word.?

She nods in affirmation, ?true.?

So how did he propose?

It was this day and he asked me to escort him to visit his parents. And I was like sure, why not? Reaching there, I was shocked to find he had planned a surprise proposal! It feels like it was yesterday! She smiles as she remises.

So how did you feel?

It was a mixture of emotions. I felt so happy and also very scared at the same time. But inside, I knew this was the person I wanted to be with forever!

What challenges did you meet while planning your functions?

Dishonored pledges! People pledge, you bank on them only for them to vanish in thin air as the day approaches. It wasn?t nice. At least don?t promise at all.

Meeting legitimate people, some of them ended up running with our money before delivering! Can you imagine!

Mikolo:?Sorry about that Joan.?

So how many kids do you want to give Mr Busuulwa?


In all the beautiful girls in this world, why do you think he choose you?

Hahahaaha, well I think am a unique woman, I don?t fear responsibility. At 22years when others thought of enjoying life, going out clubbing and all, I thought of settling in with the person I truly love to help him build his vision.

So you got married at 22!

Yes I did! She chuckles.

Do you think you rushed? Were you ready?

You can never be ready. It?s a decision not everyone can make especially at that age. When life is supposedly just starting!

What advice do you give to boys/girls that age fearing to commit?

There is nothing to worry about. What is wrong with committing to live the rest of your life with someone you love? Is it wrong?