Together At Last- Nicholas And Lillian’s Beautiful Wedding In Pictures.

After blowing us away with their drop dead gorgeous pre wedding photos, they did not stop at that. They came back to slay. Nicolas and Lillian sealed the deal in style. Their nuptials were special.

The two oozed of pure elegance. Slowly they glided through the aisles like a king and queen going to their thrones. The attires they wore were quit the spectacle. Lillian dawned a crystal while lace embroiled mermaid gown with silver stones, and lovely silver accessories. Then her maid team rocked long cyan and white gowns with lace at the top. Such a lovely ensemble. Nicholas was just the perfect beau in his deep blue and black tuxedo and red bow tie, his shoes were simple but classy, and we loved. We actually loved everything! The makeup, deco, cake, photos we love love loved.

storylinepicturesug captured the lovely memories as they unfolded. See for yourself here;