Finally! Watchman’s Pastor Joseph Kabuleta Weds Fiancee In A Secret I Do!- Photos

After a very luxurious introduction and wedding arrangements that were kept top secret, journalist turned Pastor, Joseph Kabuleta last weekend walked his longtime heartbeat sister Rebecca down the aisle in a very pompous ceremony.

For a man of his caliber, you would expect masses at the wedding. But his was the total reverse. Though up-bit, the crowd was small. Access to the venue was strictly invite. That made a whole lot of sense, for if it was not, there could be multitudes and stampedes at the man of Gods special day.

Another thing that wouldn?t go unnoticed was the way the couple paid kin attention to the fashion detail. Rebecca followed the recent trends of wearing two wedding gowns. The first being a glowing off-shoulder Cinderella dress and the second a dazzling snow-white mermaid gown.

On the flip side Kabuleta aka ?Kabs? looking sharp in his Johnson Mannequin black and white tuxedo. The whole do was eclectic!

Congratulations man of God. May your marriage be filled with only signs and wonders!

Joseph Kabuleta weds Rebecca