Ronnie And Sylvias Wedding That Brought Kampala Streets To A Stand Still.

Love is the best feeling that good pegged on to mankind. A feeling that cuffs one mortal being to another and makes them forget about the universe outside their love cocoon. An explainable feeling that jumbles your cranium, numbs your nerves and robs you of self, the person you used to be becomes history. The glorious feeling lay upon Ronnie and Sylvia. Ronnie decided to seal this beautiful thing by walking her down the aisle in a flashy, flamboyant ceremony.

The flash would be seen with everything about them. From The bridal snow white dress, to the tailored suits for the groom and his squad. Missing out the posh open roof cares they cruised in would be a felony! After the sealing the nuptials, they rode in these cars through the Kampala streets and oh my, the streets were on fire (Read maalo), boda boda men as usual gave a home coming kind of reception that would be awarded to royals passing thru the city. The locals were totally stunned!

To marinate the lovely occasion were the dazzling photos by dynamicWedding photography that captured every moments.Feel free to contact them, See for yourself