Jojo’s Bridal Shower Party Decoration By Evannah Events Last Weekend

Decor and Photos by: Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists 

One on one with Renown City decorator Evannah Wedding & Events Specialists after they wowed guests with their gorgeous decoration in a recent bridal shower;

How do you describe your decor today?

 In my own words, my decor is beautiful! Perfectly deserving for a bridal shower. Around mid-year, outdoor functions are appropriate because of the good weather. I specifically used gold, white, and Peach because they are soft warm colors, totally suitable for an outdoor event. The colors balance well with the natural light too. Plus,Owing to the fact that she will be my client for her wedding decor, which is coming up next week, Jojo will be contributed half payment for the total decor cost and Evannah is happy to contribute the other half.she smile gently as she knods her head.

Why the long tables?

She chuckles lightly, the long table setup is good for a few guests, at most 100. This setting works best for families, friend parties, birthdays, baby and bridal showers

Which venues can this decor setup fit other than this venue?

 Pool sides, and open halls without so many inbuilt pillars. Open Green Gardens with flat-levelled areas are also good venues. In Uganda, I would say venues include, Speak resort, Serena, Sheraton, Royal Suits, Nanjing hotel,kololo courts,homes with spacious and beautiful compounds.

Why would someone choose your services over other decorators, what makes you different?

I am a professional decorator and a very creative one. My customer care is the best; plus my team is trained and experienced.

I have the best accessories in town. I take time to go purchase my pieces in the USA, China, and Thailand. I put a lot of work in choosing the best designs and making sure my own created designs are crafted with perfection for my clients.

I do not fear competition because I started from the roots and worked my way up by doing a lot of research, keeping up with what is trending and caring seriously about my clients and what they want. As our slogan goes; "Our client's vision is our passion”.

I deliver on time, guests will never find us still working. We have enough experts in every department.

In Evannah we respect and value all clients. To wrap it all up, we do all kinds of parties, small or big, within and outside the city.

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Flower arrangement with roses and baby breath blended with clear candle glasses, with floating candles