A ladies guide to getting the ring faster.

A ladies guide on getting the ring faster

So he popped the question years ago and the baggage of the ring starts to get breaking! Word is moving all corners of the earth, walls are talking, friends are gossiping and community is watching, what’s not happening? The invisible question that every woman going round this roller coaster assumes people are asking even if not brought out verbally. Or the case would be that you have dated for a while, all angles, symbols, signs and nature seams to affirm that the time is right but he is just not coming through. As Mikolo team we would like all ladies to encounter those moments of glory (well that’s our work) so here are a few ways we figured out would help you catalyze the time frame for that ring.

Don’t let go of your values, never compromise,

Do not go private when it’s just the two of you, cohabitation is totally out of question .No one would like to pay for a cow that they can get milk from for free. Make him crave your presence, disappear for a while and let him miss you lights out then he will desperately look for ways to put a ring on it.

Stop talking about your past relationships!

At some point T they might use this against you and also further the day you get to wear that wedding day make up.

Do not over call

Over calling and texting makes you look desperate for the relationship, you also give him thoughts to thing he owns you and he got you wrapped around his little figure, so he doesn’t have to try much. Always keep your messages short and friendly.

Do not ogle

Stop overlooking and praising other women in front of him however much smart or good they look. This will cut across like a sign of lack of confidence in yourself.

Don’t hung on when he’s with ‘the boys’

Men detest their women’s presence when they are with’ the boys’, Wanting to be a hung on where ever he goes will only nag him and make you look desperate and also slow down the pace of the incoming ring.

Praise him

Men, just like everyone love praises, it’s a thing about being human. Make him, feel good about himself ALWAYS! So when he’s having a rough patch you are the first call he makes and also gives you a good mileage toward becoming a Mrs.

Don’t over use your money

Some women go out of the way to impress that they start splashing on the man and making him get comfortable. Men like to feel in charge and in control. Spending on him always make you look ‘sugar-mummy ish’.A little gifts are enough don’t become the man of the relationship!

Know when to stop

Ladies if it’s taken more than years and then it’s become more of a key holder on your finger, what is next? Stop giving free rides! Some men are dubious they propose just to gain unlimited access to your ‘cookie’!  Watch out for this type if it’s not coming my sister put on your shoes and walk.

Stop acting like his mom

Being controlling and possessive will make him feel like a curfew bound school boy. No grown up adult likes curfew, a little care is enough stop packing him food and calling to find out if he’s eaten it!

Do not talk too much

Ladies often talk too much about their lives and spit out very unappealing things. You do not want to regret why you have a mouth. This aspect scares men away.

Do not trap him with pregnancy

Ladies we must accept this trap is as ancient as the dinosorous tales. Trap him with your intellect your values and independence.

Respect him

Men crave respect they thrive on it. He  wouldn’t want to spend his life with someone who constantly puts him down.

Do not cheat

Ladies do not cheat,dont try to cheat, dont be tempted to cheat! Nothing kills a man like the thought of his woman giving another man pleasure! My sister if your caught cheating,you can as well bid your prince charming and that ring goodbye.

Stay in your in-law’s good books

Let’s face it, here in Africa, Uganda in specific in-laws can either make or break relationships, It only takes one rant form his mother and from where you can kiss your marriage bliss goodbye

Get a job,have your own money

Don't be dependent no man wants extra baggage and liability,Women are meant to be queens with crowns,when you beg your crown tilts and when you are not given it falls off.Maintain your crown girl theirs something chic about a lady who can take care of herself,also this adds you extra points as men want a person who will help them grow(financially).


For the Lord has plans for you, seek his council, you would badly want to get that ring but he might not be the one for you. Seek HIS guidance for with him who works miraculously all things are possible.

All in all remember falling in love and having a committed relationship are two different things. We wish you all the best of luck’