He Is Heaven Sent – Naome Praises Bless At Their Introduction In Rukungiri

They say, childhood love is had to break. Bless Tusiime son to Kabale Technical institute boss proved this to the whole world when he was introduced to the parents of his childhood friend Naome Ninsiima. It was one kind that moved mountains in Rukungiri District as most top religious leaders and government officials attended. It was massive. It was so different from the ordinary.

How they met

Bless and Naome knew each other from way back in primary school. They both attended Modern primary school one of the best schools 10 years in Runkungiri and so happened to be friends. They even attended and were nurtured under the guidance of the same.

Their parents used to get them and force them to church each and every Sunday. Bless in the end was caught up with the religion. He became too holy. Their friendship continued as they started their secondary life. Naome went to immaculate heart while Bless joined Ntare school.

Letter writing kept them in touch

While at Ntare school, Bless wouldn’t settle. He kept his pen on paper writing letters to Naome. “We would write as often as we could just to keep in touch. No feelings were attached but it’s from here that our friendship grew stronger. ” Bless narrates

“In the holidays they would link up since our homes weren’t far apart. ” He continues

You know those childhood games. They both pretended to each other that they are not love. It was just friendship that lead their way. This made their families meet in the process and they became friends. Bless & Naome’s parents  became are so close and this also helped nurture this couple

Fate made them met again after O’ level

Bless and Naome met again after their O’level education as they pursued their high school at Valley College Bushenyi. They cemented their friendship. They became so tight friends. Bless would cater for her break tea and evening tea at the canteen.

Still they both maintained it was pure friendship and there was nothing more than that. They kept it until the whole two years. Naome having been brought up by a single parent kept her promises to her mother to remain good and faithful to herself.

For all her life, Naome had no boyfriend. The only boys she had and close to her, they would only stop at friendship. She was too religious and carried herself in a respectful way. She was loved by so many people because of her honesty and transparency.

Started serious dating at University

Bless went to Makerere University on government scholarship while Naome settled for MUBS university. They would meet almost every weekend to catch up and share moments together.Being born and bred from upcountry places, they were no familiar with Kampala places. They used that chance to bond. They would move around looking and visiting unfamiliar places in Kampala. It was during that time that they found love on their way.

They found falling for each other easier because they had a big background of love, friendship and respect for each other.

One eventful weekend at Bless’ hostel this couple agreed to take their friendship to another level. Naome was speechless but had nothing to say other than YES to him. “I liked the man in Bless. ” She adds

Bless proposed at Arirang restaurant

Bless proposed at Arirang restaurant

Last year, Bless organise a date with Naome’s friends and Bless Brother. They tricked her into a simple date at Arirang restaurant. She fell for that and when she reached Bless appeared with the proposal ring. He went on his knees and proposed to Naome. It was such a beautiful moment for the two. Naome felt so happy. She only said yes…

The Kuhingira that was

Bless's Kuhingira


29th April, Bless led his parents and an entourage of 100 people from Kebisoni Rukungiri to Naome’s home to be fully introduced. It was a very colourful and expensive ceremony that rocked the residents of Rukungiri town as it was in the center of Rukungiri town.

”See, Naome, is a beautiful lady, I didn’t even feel the pinch of 12 fresian cows as dowry” Bless notes

As it is the culture norm, Bless was asked to say thank you to Naome’s parents for the gift of a wife they managed to nurture and educate. Excited Bless didn’t even bargain but had to pay instantly dowry. He wasted no time in that as he knew the worth in Naome.

Naome speaking at the introduction party over the weekend, she described Bless as one who was just heaven sent. She made it clear that she is the man she chose to spend all her life with no matter what. She said he is too generous and so humble. She said more that she is sure she made the right choice since they have seen each other from childhood.

Bless and Naome were blessed by both parents and they were given a bible as they were told to always read it every day of their lives. They are going to wed on 6th may 2017 at Bugolobi church of Uganda and hold their wedding reception at Arirang restaurant.