We met at sosh—Sarah Karungi & Agaba Gilverse Kato

Sarah Karungi & Agaba Gilverse via mikolo

By Maurice Kamugisha

It’s been so many years since our senior four Leavers’ Party but I still vividly remember that we had St. Theresa Bwanda Girls over for prom. Well, even Sarah Karungi, although it was eight years ago (2012), she still remembers it like it was yesterday—the first time she met her now fully wedded husband, Agaba Gilverse Kato. The two lovebirds from the land of milk and honey met at their school sosh.

“We met during a social dance at school,” the bride—Abaga Sarah Karungi, who blushingly remarks that it feels “amazing” to have a twin for hubby told Mikolo.

At the time, Sarah was attending Immaculate Heart Girls Secondary School while Gilverse went to Mutuyera Boys School.

Surprisingly, I don’t know exactly how and I still find it a bit hard to sink in my fairly big head (depending on whose you compare it to) that Sarah and Gilverse “did not dance” together that day.

In fact she narrates that; “I didn’t get to talk to him. It was just a glance, got to introduce ourselves to each other and that was it.”

No contacts shared, no interest registered whatsoever until the astronaut (read Agaba) returned to the scene of his departure.

“He came to school on visiting day and that’s when we got to share contacts. We become friends for four years then started dating for approximately four years.”

Eight years as friends, four of which as a couple, Agaba asked to meet her parents—and on 8th August 2020, Sarah hosted him for their kukyala. When the parents had no reason to forbid their relationship, he asked for her hand in marriage and she said “Yes”.

And on 2nd October 2020, Sarah and Agaba traditionally got hitched at a beautiful kuhingira ceremony at the bride’s parents’ home Kinoni, Rwampara.

The following day, 3rd October, the two lovey-doveys exchanged vows in front of family members and loved ones before a man of God during a wedding service at Nyamitanga Church and hosted their invited guests to a fun-filled reception at Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara.

Sarah, who speaks highly of her husband as “patient and kind—the perfect gentleman, literally what I was looking for in a man” acknowledges that the planning process was “hectic” because she had “only one month to organise”.

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