List Of Top Uganda Celebrity Couples We Never Want To See Break Up!

Celebrity couples are often an object of speculation and ridicule from the public. Because of their lifestyles most marred by late night shows, indulging, extravagance and pomp. Their ability to grab attention strenuously. Many a time their relationships do not really stand to the test of time. But there are those that have really thrived and God forbid (read with finger snap) we do not, never want to see them break up like ever! We compiled a list of the Ugandan ?power couples? whose marriages/relationships have blossomed despite the rainstorms in the institution.

Bobi wine (Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi) and Barbie Itungu.

For a love that was born from the university. To the ghetto and now to the parliament. This is our number one power couple in Uganda! Yes they might have had huddles here and there but ya, we love you guys. You have been an inspiration to many and we never ever want to see you break up!

Bebe cool and Zuena

This couple has fed us on bouts and bout of drama. From the disappearing wife. To flying her abroad to give birth and nicker buying. We the bystanders have seen it all. And we aren?t complaining thou (*greens*). But we guess this is the wind that rocks their boat. Drama or no drama we love you guys never break up ooooo.

Idgring Patrick Salvado

This man from Ombokolo, Patrick Idringi alias Salvador has a way with words. He is the epitome of funny. And even when he gets a lot of attention from women, he never caves. He carries his wife, the light Daphne Franckstock to almost all his shows. He uses her as an example and specimen in many of his comedy skits. Many a time, you will catch him mentioning that if a man is as ugly as he is, beautiful women like his wife will love him because of his money. But we all know that?s just what it is, a joke. Because he and Daphne have been together since his struggling days as a comedian. She has stuck with him. And if the many mushy social media posts are anything to go by, he is one hell of a love. We don?t want them to break up soon.

Mark and Maureen Kigozi

Pastor Mark Kigozi and wife Maureen Kigozi are like peas in a pod. They are always together. They share in every aspect of each other?s life. They are famed for their philanthropy feats, and their love for preaching the gospel and empowering their communities. They are the epic epiphany of the notion; model family. Together, they run a church called Real Life Ministries in Bweyogerere. And their marriage is the pillar that provides inspiration for many couples and youth in the church and community at large.

Chameleon and Daniella

This marriage might be on shaky grounds at the moment but we do not want you to bread up!

Talent Africas Ali Alibhai and Sylvia Namutebi

Ali Alibhai?s relationship with former Miss Uganda Sylvia Namutebi started as a rumor. When they went public, everyone was astonished. But the Talent Africa boss insisted in many interviews that he saw something in Sylvia Namutebi that he?d never seen. That she was special. And as surely as night follows day, their relationship graduated into a marriage with beautiful off springs. They are still standing strong up to now. And the portrait of them together is a beauty to behold.

The Shongas

These socialites graced Uganda?s entertainment scene last year with their multimillion wedding and drop dead pre wedding shoot. Where ever they came from or got the money we don?t care, we got to know them as two and we want it to stay that way.

Hilda man and wife

Wife Cissy Winans Namuddu is said to introduce herself as Mukyala wa Hilderman at every function. She has been with the musical artiste since their bad financial days and has supported her husband up to the status he carries now, of an accomplished musical artiste with hit songs to his name. Hilder and Cissy let?s keep things that way.

Ronald Mayinja and Aisha Mayinja

It has been controversial but they are still together and forever they should be.

Jack Pemba ans Shiba Kasami

Ever since he came to Uganda he has been on a dating rampage. Also rumored to have slept with most celebrities in Uganda because he is a boisterous money bag. Many names abound, but the one that has stood the taste of time and ridicule is Sheba Kasami. She has been there. Even with the rumors that Pemba is fathering children with several other women. She has stuck and let it stick.

Robert and Jessica Kayanja

Do we really have to say anything here?

Gary and Margaret Skinner

Ceo and founders of the Watoto ministries have been together for a while. And we never and don?t even want to think about the other side.

Add your own??