Actor John Segawa Speaks About Love &Bonding With Children From Different Women

You need to have second thoughts to the way tabloids have made you and many believe that he is a philanderer, a rich, careless and arrogant boy. Mikolo spared time to understand really who John Segawa is, his past wand future prospects. Even at 45 he still believes when the right time comes he will walk a lucky lady down the aisle.

Segawa has not just achieved fame; he was born with it. It started with his looks. Many theatre goers think he is one of the most handsome men in theatre business. Newspapers at one time rated him as the most handsome man in the land. One cannot be blamed for thinking this could have been the reason he was sent to single-sex schools to concentrate on his studies. For Primary, Segawa went to Mugwanya Preparatory School, Kabojja and St. Savio Junior School, Kisubi. For Secondary, it was St. Henry’s College Kitovu, St. Charles Lwanga, Kasasa and St. Edwards, Bukumi. All are schools affiliated to the catholic Brothers of Christian faith. Off the stage, Segawa speaks like a monk. Calm and polite to the ear. I am an art teacher by profession, he says. Why then not a drama teacher? He started participating in drama contests as early as primary school, but he did not envisage it to become an occupation. Segawa is a father of three, all mothered by different women.

So John, how do you bond with children from different mothers?

Having fathered three children from two different women, Segawa says, all their mothers and Children are his friends. He bonds well with his chidren. He has schedule for his women to bring to him his children for love. He fathered one child with Top city actress Mariam Ndagire and radio personality Ruth Wanyana. He agrees that there was beef between the two ladies but as time went on, they realised it was necessary for them to patch up their grievances for the sake of their children “Mariam and Ruth are all my friends. We talk and they all bring me the children. I have managed to look and bond with children because of the good relationship I have with their mothers” he said in an interview with us.

About dating two friends

As you enter John Segawa’s office in Rubaga Wakaliga, you are welcomed by flamed pictures of Mariam Ndagire and Ruth Wanyama on the walls. He says the two women have so great in his life. When we asked how it felt by dating two friends, he was coy to talk us in details but rather maintained it that the past is in past. He further says, there was no beef as media portrayed “they are both great women and hardworking. Do not take what media used to portray them as. Most of the allegations were lies. We still have a good working relationship” he added.

Ruth Wanyana and Mariam Ndagiire were band mates and they were very good friends in the old days. They both played part in developing Uganda’s entertainment industry.

AT 45 years not yet married, any prospects?

I have no rush for marriage. I have children and I’m not holding onto my breathe for the alter “I love my life. I love my children and marriage is not the most achievable thing in this earth. I still feel so fresh and young. I am still taking my time” he says.

I will walk down the aisle when he feels he is ready. He added that any person can get married at any given age.

John married to his work

Segewa admits he is a very hard working guy. He loves work. He wakes up so early in the morning to start his day. He rather added that he is sad to see fellow good actors leaving the industry for actice politics giving examples of Kato Lubwama. He added that the new crop of mediocre comedians have duplicated real comedy and have hence spoilt for them. Though he promises comedy will still live as long as he lives.