Bebe Cool’s Wife Zuena Speaks About Love And Events Management

She's done it all. Been an artist and she has two songs to her name, 'Amata' and 'Owa Boda', been a TV presenter when she replaced Justin Nameere on the NTV Life Stories show, does baking through her Zuena Pastries, in charge of gate collections at all Bebe Cool's shows, the mom of four is also into events management but that is not all. She is a wife to Bebe Cool. Mikolo briefly caught up with her and she shared with us her love story and how she manages her Events company.

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You came on the social scene as a contestant of Miss Uganda some years back, what made you change your mind to events management?

Years change and every day comes with its challenges. I was a contestant for Miss Uganda in old days but now a totally different person. I am a mother. From my childhood I loved cakes. I had a dream of making my own bakery. And here I am now, with my own bakery.

Has being a wife to a celebrity helped you market your cakes and décor?

Not really. I run my business as Zuena. My husband can only come in when he has brought me a client. We don’t share the company and I have never marketed my work using his name. Times when he shares my work on his social media pages, he does it as him.

Focusing on the Cake section, how many wedding/function cakes do you schedule on the same day? 

It depends on the orders I get. Mostly in the end of year months, I cake deliver 6 wedding cakes daily. People during that season hold functions and that’s when the market is big.

Briefly take us through the current cakes that are trending and what could be their prices?

Ah, there are so many trending cakes in town. But personally, I have White and Ivory, white and juories and many others, when you Google you can see. And for me, I always take the client's tastes. I can mix flavours as long as the client is interested. I can do cakes worth 7m and above.

And about Décor?

Like I said, my clients choose and tell me what they want. When I am going to decorate a hall or tents in gardens, the decoration will totally differ. Most couples love decoration to match their best colours so it takes the choice of my clients.

Most Couples tend to cancel some orders just days to the wedding, how do you handle such?

Ever since I began this business, I haven’t been involved in such. I always have a mutual understanding with my client.

Away from cakes and décor, with your busy schedule, how do you juggle work and family?

Time is so precious. I always budget my time. When it is time for work, it is work seriously. When I am home I attend to my family and husband. I have a PR who receives people’s orders just in case.

You are also a wedding planner, how do you handle this?

Yes, we also do wedding planning. Normally before I get in touch with couples who would want us to organise their wedding, we ask them about their budget and what they would actually love.