Singer Juliana’s Ex Hubby Amon Lukwago Talks About Dating a Ugandan Celeb

Amon has been off our social scene for quite some time. She dated Juliana Kanyomozi few back but their relationship didn’t go far and decided to call it off amicably. Amon says he still talks to Juliana and they are now friends. They have much respect for each other!

How has been life passed Singer Juliana Kanyomozi?

Life has been normal. We both moved past each other. It has been so many years back since we left each other. I first moved to the UK where I settled until the time came and decided to get back to Uganda. But life has been good I can't complain

As matter of fact you shared a lot with the musician, do you still talk?

I and Julie talk. We have so much respect for each other. The death of our son made us bond and clearly, we forgave each other of the past and we decided to focus on the present. People who didn’t know us so well are the ones who kept on spreading the rumors after our separation. I would read and laugh because it wasn’t that bad as they displayed it in the media.

Briefly again, how did you meet Juliana Amon?

It is a long story but to cut it short, I was among the first people to promote Ugandan Talent. I was the first person in Uganda who introduced Karaoke in Uganda. These other people copied from my work. Through that, I met Juliana and the rest was history

You dated for quite some time, do you ever miss Juliana?


Sometimes. But because we both moved like I said, I have nothing much I miss. I won't go so much into that other than saying we respect each other and we are still friends because we can talk.

When are you finally getting married? Are you dating anyway?

Yes, I am dating and very soon we are planning to legalize our marriage. I have a wife home. She is very good and different from the rest. She takes care of me so well and we love each other. I won’t mention her name but just know we are dating.

Any advice for Ugandan celebs who are about to get married?

Being in public eye is not good. Since they are already there, let them always do much to protect their marriage and relationships off the public eye. People have different ways of seeing things, that’s why masses judge people. I respect the marriage institution and I support them to settle down with one companion.

Apart from family what makes you busy?

I travel a lot. I have property in the UK so normally I am away. I do also agriculture in Uganda. I rare animals in Mukono. Basically, I have a very busy man on a daily basis. I have my studio at home that I work in. when the day is done, I go to my bar in Makyindye to also take care of it.

Furthermore, what does it take for someone to date a celebrity?

I can say it depends on someone. Celebrities are also like human beings. It depends on how you really handle the relationship. When I was with Juliana, it was like any other normal relationship. We would joke and talk. When she would be home, she would behave like a woman so there is no trick or any ways on how to date a celeb. Just be normal.