Bukedde T V’s Fyona Kirabo Speaks About The Feeling Of Being A Pastor’s Wife

TV star Fyona Kirabo says she is getting married come February next year. She says the preparations are busy going on and currently is the happiest woman in the land. On behalf of MikoloAllan Gumizamu talked to her about work, falling in love with the pastor and getting along with her in-laws

Did you plan getting married to a pastor?

I never planned this. I even never knew I would get married to a pastor. He was just heaven sent because we were friends for a very long time and he never showed that he was interested in me. It was purely friendship. I only learned he was a pastor after I had actually fallen in love with him. I wouldn’t avoid it.

One thing I came to know is that my man had never dated any female creature in his church. All the girls who there, were only his friends. I was HIS FIRST woman.

How does it feel to be a Pastor’s wife?

Being his wife is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  He is a gift. He is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. But, I have no plans of turning into a pastor, but if God comes to me calling, I will definitely allow. Though this is a very big challenge and I wouldn’t want to face it.

About her relationship with her in-laws


Geofrey Sembuya's  and Fyona Kirabo


Fyona being this socialite girl, she expected a conflict of interest. She expected to be judged by some of the in-laws who wouldn’t understand but she says her and Geofrey first resolved that before he could show her around his family. He is a pastor and I am a celebrity. Of course, I knew there would be tension between me and his family but by the time I met them, his family had understood that I am the woman he had chosen.

When is the Wedding?

We are busy planning for the wedding. It will come in around February. I will be the happiest person because I feel he would be fulfilled his promise of marrying me. I know he is a handsome man. He is a pastor and girls bond to get attracted to him but like I said, he chose for me a purpose that’s that ends his story.

Fyona Kirabo's Kwanjula