We met while at University in 2012—Charles weds Carol

Charles weds Carol via mikolo

On Saturday 18th September 2021, Charles, a businessman wedded his accountant fiancée Carol.

According to the bride, the two meet “while at University in 2012” and went on to “date for like five years” before Charles asked for her hand in marriage.

Carol simply said yes and then hosted Charles for their kukyala on 15th November 2020.

Almost a year later, the two lovebirds were traditionally hitched at a beautiful introduction ceremony on Saturday 11th September 2021 at Carol’s parents’ home in Kalisizo, Rakai District.

A week later, they walked down the aisle on 18th September 2021 after exchanging vows at St Joseph’s Church, Lweeza parish. They then hosted their reception at Nican resort hotel in Seguku, off Entebbe Road.

Carol also notes that “the planning process was not bad but of course some challenges were there,” adding that they had three wedding meetings.

She goes on to advise couples that intend to tie the knot to “love each other and above all trust in God.

From us all here at Mikolo, congratulations Carol and Charles.



Post Vendor Details

Makeup by: Apple faces Ug

Photography:  ES photography

Decor: Gold springs Deco

Wedding gown: Scalet Bridals

Changing dress: Hers Ug

Cake: Maselah foods