I Sent Him a Selfie And That Selfie Changed His Perception About Our Friendship?Scott & Racheal

Scott weds Racheal via mikolo

By Robert K James

Sometimes the person you fall for isn?t ready to catch you. But luckily for Kitiibwa Scott, Nakaweesa Racheal was ready to catch him when he fell for her. When the two first met at New Vision where they worked during their senior six vacation in 2012, Racheal admits that it wasn?t love at first sight.

Nonetheless, that didn?t stop them from being friends and until they left the Industrial Area-based media outfit three years later. Mikolo had a chat with Racheal, who earlier this year tied the knot with Scott.

So where did you and Scott meet?

New vision in 2012. We were both in form 6 vacation. We were both working there by then.

Was it love at first sight? Or friendship landed you both at the altar?

It was pure friendship with so many differences. We actually separated in 2015 when we both left New Vision. She however adds that they stayed in touch, chatting on ?WhatsApp once in a while and also used to meet at get-togethers with their mutual friends. So we kept in touch but not so tight though.?

So when did you actually start dating?

We started dating in 2016. Actually, on 27th May 2016, I was at my best friend’s graduation party around Ntinda. I sent him a selfie because I knew he stayed near Ntinda. I told him am in your area code. That selfie changed his perception about our friendship.

But on 4th Now 2017 I was at a friend’s birthday party. Then he sent me a text. “Hni I want to meet mom….. I want her to meet the man her daughter is dating.” I screamed and my friends kept wondering whether am okay.

Racheal & Scott's kukyala via mikolo

And on 29th December 2018, Racheal hosted Scott for their kukyala.

How did you overcome those differences?

Jesus helped us overcome because we accepted salvation.

And when did he eventually ask for your hand in marriage?

On his birthday, 2nd April 2019. We went for dinner. Then as we were leaving to go to a different place for cake, he went on his knee in the elevator and popped the question. She said yes and the two lovebirds went on to traditionally get hitched.

Racheal introduces Scott via mikolo

On Saturday 13th April 2019, Racheal welcomed Scott at her mother?s home in Kabulengwa, Nansana in Wakiso District where she introduced her significant to the rest of her family, friends and loved ones at a beautiful customary wedding ceremony.

Scott reciprocated the lovely gesture with one of his own as he wedded Racheal almost a month later. On 4th May, they exchanged vows in a church wedding at Prayer Palace Christian Center, in Kibuye-Kampala.

Where was your wedding photo shoot?

Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo (also largely known as Speak Resort)

What was your highlight of the wedding day? Like your best moment of the entire day

They are two. My mom walking me down the aisle with my best song in the back ground (great is thy faithfulness) and my husband looking straight in my eyes while making his vows.

What do you love most about Scott?

He’s a very honest man. He loves God, he loves me and he respects my mom. He’s handsome too.

How was the wedding planning process for you?

Hectic but okay because I had a supportive team of not so many people.

What advice do you have couples planning to walk down the aisle?

Have a personal budget and move by it. Do something within your means to avoid disappointments because of payments. This helped us make our wedding beautiful and without any debts. Pray more. Trust me invisible forces are real.




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