Grab a seat; Mr. Peter & Mrs. Marita Kiggundu’s Wedding Decor Will Blow Your Mind

Mr. Peter & Mrs. Marita Kiggundu wedding via

By Robert K James

I’m sorry Mikolo readers but you may need to grab a chair for this one, because what you’re about to see will definitely blow your mind away. You will look at it over and over again.

Once in a while, we do some wedding decor reviews so that you can find the right inspiration in case you’re planning for a function in the near future. And today, we take a closer look at Mr. Peter and Mrs. Marita Kiggundu, who not so long ago tied the knot in a fairy tale white wedding.

Everything about their wedding was amazing and beautiful, perhaps even beyond what the couple imagined it would be.

Like the old adage has it, “all that glitters is not gold”, indeed it wasn’t all gold but it glittered. Red, white and gold were the reception theme colours at Lake Victoria Serena Resort as 1608 Niche Designs put the pieces together.

And when you see the bride?s off-shoulder dress! it was glittering like it was diamond studded while the groom was also looking all dapper and fresh in his three-piece multicoloured suit.



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Service Providers:

Decor: 1608 Niche Designs

Photography: Dynamic Wedding Photography

Venue: Lake Victoria Serena Resort