We Used To Read From The Same Spot in The Library – Pauline & Benjamin

Benjamin Wogisha and Pauline Nakyajja - Mikolo

By Robert K James

Aristotle once said that ?Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.? And as of today, love inhabits Pauline Nakyajja and Benjamin Wogisha, who are now officially husband and wife. We caught up with the bride and she told us how it all began for her and Benjamin.

So how and when did you meet? We asked the bride.

?We met at Makerere University during our days. It was in 2013,? she said.

Where you two doing the same course?

?Not the same course. He was doing Electrical Engineering and I was doing B-Com (Bachelors of Commerce). We used to read from the same spot in the library.?

When she says that they ?used to read from the same spot in the library?, I can?t help it wonder whether they actually read the books or were probably busy stealing glances at each other. And when they exchanged numbers, you can imagine how they sent each other texts even when they were seated in proximity, and then went ahead to smile at one another upon reading the texts.

Anyway, when they were done with the books, against all odds, the couple kept the candle burning and on 9th December 2018, Pauline introduced Benjamin to her family members, relatives, and friends at a beautiful traditional wedding. The function was held at her parent?s home in Bulenga, Kikaaya.

A week later, on Saturday 15th December, Benjamin reciprocated the lovely gesture as the two exchanged vows at Our lady and St. Jude parish in Naggulu before hosting their invited guests (350 to be exact) to a well-decorated reception at Maria?s place in the Kampala suburb of Nagulu, where they entertained and fed them.

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