Nigeria Meets Uganda As Ola Weds Justina

Ola weds Justina

By Robert K James

Nigeria meets Uganda as Ola weds Justina in a marvelous wedding ceremony. Sometimes we also fail to find the right words to perfectly describe the kind of glamour that we have never seen before. And yet there isn?t quite many things that can be compared to it to paint the perfect picture. But, it?s safe to say that ?heaven was brought down to earth? as Nigeria?s Ola walked Uganda?s Justina down the aisle. The term “wedding luxury” was redefined and as of today, it refers to Ola weds Justina

It?s often said that no one or nothing is perfect but we believe Ola and Justina?s all white themed wedding reception was perfect. Icandy Ug, the d



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