It Was Love At First Sight At MUBS?Yusuf and Moreen

Katabira Yusuf & Namukwaya Moreen via

Those who don?t believe in love at first sight always think it?s lust but I guess such people have never experienced a significant body connection with someone else. A moment in which your heart may not come up with an immediate response but your sanity will tell you there is something unique about someone in a very instantaneous way.

Well, Katabira Yusuf was lucky enough to have a taste of that feeling when he first set his sights on Namukwaya Moreen when he met her at Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

?We met with Moreen after campus, at MUBS,? Yusuf told Mikolo before adding, ?Yes it was love at first sight? when probed further.

Although Yusuf intuitively knew that he had met ‘thee one’, Moreen didn?t come around to it so quickly. Whether she was just playing hard to get or genuinely vetting her suitor, that will be a story for another day because according to Yusuf, they met in 2016 ?but she accepted in 2017.?

?But all it?s been God and I still pray that he guides us through forever,? he said.

Two years down the road and the two lovebirds decided to take their relationship to the next level as they held their kukyala (pre-visit) on Tuesday 10th December 2019.

Almost a fortnight later, on Saturday 21st, Moreen welcomed Yusuf and introduced him to her family, relatives and friends at her parent?s home in Namasuba at a successful traditional wedding ceremony/giveaway.

Katabira and Namukwaya will exchange vows on Friday 3rd January 2020 in a white wedding.


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